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Get Ahead of the Game: Unorthodox Link Building Methods That Actually Work

In a world where conventional link building techniques have become common knowledge, standing out from the competition can be a challenging task. Let’s dive into some unorthodox link building methods that actually work and can give you that unique edge.

Infographics: An Eye for Information

While infographics might not seem like a novel concept, their application in link building often goes underestimated. When equipped with compelling data and aesthetically pleasing designs, infographics can generate high-quality backlinks as they’re shared across different platforms.

Testimonials: Praise and Links

Writing testimonials for services or products you’ve used can earn you backlinks from reputable sites. Companies love to display testimonials and often link back to the source, offering an easy and effective way to acquire authoritative links.

Webinar Hosting: A Stage for Expertise

Webinars are not only great for delivering value to your audience but also for link building. By hosting valuable webinars and archiving them on your site, you create an opportunity for attendees and other interested parties to link back to your resources.

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Become a Source: Expert Quotes and Insights

By offering unique expert insights or quotes, you can become a resource for other content creators. This increases the likelihood of receiving backlinks whenever your expert comments are cited, establishing your reputation and improving your SEO.

Link Roundups: Symbiotic Relationship

Link roundups are posts that link out to outstanding content during a particular time period. If you’re creating high-quality content, reaching out to bloggers who do link roundups in your industry could be a goldmine for backlinks.

Parting Words

Breaking away from the conventional can lead to uncharted territories of success in link building. Infographics, testimonials, webinars, expert insights, and capitalizing on link roundups are less conventional yet highly effective tactics. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the unique strategy that propels your website ahead of the game.

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